Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Dramatically reduce the number of phone lines needed
  • Eliminates long distance charges between on-net branches
  • Leverage competitive off-net long distance call costs due to DMS massive buying power
  • Minimize the risks and costs of owning and maintaining an on-premises PBX

Scale on Demand!

  • Unlimited Call capacity
  • Add new users quickly and easily
  • Comprehensive feature set, upgraded as new features are available to the platform

Geographic Freedom

  • Follow-me features allow calls to be forwarded to cell phones or any location
  • Employees can work remotely with complete access to their phone
  • A single receptionist can monitor multiple remote offices

Enhanced Productivity

  • Enhanced calling features without the up-front costs of a premises-based system
  • User features can be managed via intuitive web-based software
  • Users can forward voice mails or transfer calls anywhere in the organization

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery.

  • Hosted PBX ensures that phone service is available, and can be rerouted to alternate locations, even if the office building is inaccessible for long periods of time.
  • Multiple levels of redundancy, including geographic redundancy, providing survivability for the highest level of business continuity.